How to Decorate for a Minimalist Wedding

Not everyone loves the thought of having one of those weddings where the couple clearly went to a company that offers Colorado wedding rentals and got everything they had. There are many brides and grooms out there who would rather go simple with their wedding and make it more about the people they spend it with rather than how expensive their venue looks. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do in order to make sure that you still have the essential wedding decorations while also appealing to the minimalist within you.

Understated Seating

When most people hear the word “understated”, they tend to think it means unattractive. However, there are plenty of examples of something that is considered understated looking incredibly good. The only thing that makes something understated is that it uses subdued colors and very simple designs to make sure that they don’t steal any attention away from the rest of the scenery. But if you include some very comfortable and understated seating, it will help aid the minimalist look that you are going for while still making your wedding a success.

Wedding table details

An interesting napkin detail can elevate any wedding table setting.

Make Everything Simple

The enemy of minimalism is details. Lots and lots of details. Therefore, if you are striving for a minimalist design, then you need to make sure that none of the decorations at your wedding are too complicated. Instead, put a big emphasis on the idea that less is more and you should be golden.

Use Black Accents

Most people don’t realize the power of a few black accents until they see it in person. In reality, you can vastly improve the look of something simply by giving it a black accent. And since this is a very simple change, it still fits into the whole minimalist theme. Therefore, you might want to think about adding some black accents to your plate ware, linens, or other decorations.

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