Three Types of Tents That Make Your Outdoor Party a Complete Success

Our climate and spectacular outdoor scenery make outdoor parties an obvious choice. You can’t always count on the weather, though, so it’s important to think ahead. Renting a tent can give you relief from the hot sun, or coverage in case of a spontaneous rain cloud passing by. There are many ways you can use a tent, and each type of tent is better suited for certain parties than others. Talk to Colorado Party Rental about your party or event, and we’ll help you find the right tent to rent for every occasion.

Types of Party Tents

Rent wedding tent

The frame tent doesn’t have a center pole, allowing for more layout flexibility.

A tent has practical functions, but they also help create the right mood and atmosphere for your event. One tent can fit 300 of your closest friends in a formal dining setting. Another tent provides shade and protection from the elements, while not taking up too much space. You can choose to have one big tent to bring the whole party together, or you can choose a variety of smaller tents, setting up different stations. We’ve got pole style tents, frame style tents, cross-cable festival tents, and pop up tents.

Wedding Tents

A wedding tent needs to be big enough to house your entire guest list, plus all the elements that make a wedding special. Depending on the surface, we recommend the pole or frame style tents. Both styles of tents are great for soft or grassy surfaces, like an outdoor wedding in a field, park, or garden.

Pole Tent vs. Frame Tent

Both tents are beautiful, with soft curves and dips, and peaks for a romantic and dramatic effect. The main difference between the pole tent and the frame style tent is the center pole. A pole tent will have a center pole. Although you can easily decorate and disguise the center pole, you can’t make it invisible. Having the pole can sometimes block the view or disrupt the flow of your party layout. Some people will prefer a tent without the center pole, opening up space and allowing for more flexibility in the layout. The frame tent does not have a center pole and has the most layout flexibility and better visibility.

Hard and Soft Surfaces

Pop up tent rentals

Pop-up tents are perfect for providing shade and protection from the elements, without taking up too much space.

The frame tent can also be pitched on hard surfaces. No matter the location, whether it’s on the soft ground or a hard surface, the frame tent can easily be anchored on any type of surface. The frame tents come in a few varieties and styles, from a classic frame tent to Navitrack frame tents to gorgeous, sophisticated, and luxurious cross cable tents.

Pop-up Tents

Pop-up tents are great for outdoor parties in large spaces, where you want to take advantage of a larger area and create little sections, like a mini-festival. Great for daytime outdoor parties when the sun is shining. Use pop-up tents to provide shade for guests, food, and drinks, so nothing spoils in the sun, or get’s ruined by unexpected rain.

Colorado Party Rentals has tent rentals for every occasion. Talk to a party specialist about the right tent for your next event. You can also choose from a variety of tent accessories, like lights, drapes, walls, and windows to make your tent even more spectacular.


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