Choosing a Wedding Theme – What Should You Consider?

You may begin by asking, “Is it even necessary to choose a theme? Can’t I just go with a few colors I like and call it quits?” The truth is that a theme will help with all of your planning. It will give you a direction when choosing flowers, table linens, music, and more!

A wedding theme can bring life to who you and your dear partner are as a couple. It helps to involve your guests and allows them to feel that they are an integral part of the event. A theme can also help them have a better idea of who the “couple” really is. Many of your guests may know you (the bride) or they may know the groom, but some will not have any experience with the two of you as a couple. Adding a theme helps to embody your dating history and gives life to your event.

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Three suggestions on choosing your theme

1. Select your location first! Once you know where you want to hold your wedding, you may find that the site will determine your theme. For example, if you choose a botanical garden as your ceremony site, it is likely you won’t also choose a 50s vintage theme for your decorating plan. Botanical gardens tend toward a more natural and, well, botanical theme.

2. Give it meaning! Take time with your hubby-to-be to write down keywords and phrases that give definition to you both as a couple. Think of some of the history you have together. How would you describe it?

3. Clip, save, and pin! Wherever and whenever you go there, you will see things that call out to you! Ideas, design, colors, details; you may think, “Oh, I like that!” So, go with it. Clip it, save it, pin it! As you begin to collect these images, you will notice a pattern emerging. Normally, your clips and saves will follow a similar theme. It may be a color theme or an attitude theme – like one of exploration, adventure, or romanticism. Remember, you are looking to show your guests who you are as a couple.

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Colorado Party Rental Helps You Bring Your Theme to Life!

Not only will your theme look good in your imagination, but when you trust Colorado Party Rentals, your theme will look amazing in real life! You have many rental choices to make for your wedding day, from lighting (lamp posts or chandeliers) to linens (pintuck or damask). Trust our experts to guide you in every detail.

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