Throw A Punk Rock Party For Your Child!


Does your child love to rock out? Is your child or teen enamored with self-expression, creativity and exercising freedom? Throw a punk rock party that they will never forget, right here in Denver! Colorado Party Rentals helps you pull together a party that won’t turn into a riot!

InvitesPunk Party for Kids

Make your invites VIP passes. Include a photo of birthday child as the rockstar and make lariats of the ‘pass’ invitations. Alternatively, you could make concert tickets and pass out as invitations with party details inscribed on the ticket. Obviously, everyone will receive front-row access with invite to ‘after party’.


Whose the favorite rocker of your child or teen? Make a theme based on that entertainer. Line the walls with blown up posters of your child, made into black and white oversized prints or an Andy Warhol rendition of your child on oversized posters. String up garlands using punk inspired textiles, such as plaid fabrics, safety pins and shiny gold or brass materials.


Pump up the volume with a live band, or a stage with karaoke. Set booths for the guests to dress the part with henna tattoo artists, washout dye for the hair, or spiky colorful hair extensions. Have a dance instructor on hand to walk the guests through a popular dance or a rock guitarist to get the party started, just don’t forget the dance floor!

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From the moment we answer the phone, you will receive assistance in planning and creating your order to achieve the look that you want. No event is too big or too small for personalized attention and we will work with you over the phone or on-site to provide you with your choice of the broadest range of equipment in the region, from specialty linens, tables, chairs and china to tents and tent structures. Looking for something you do not see on our website? Just ask. Our inventory is constantly being updated to reflect the requests of our customers and the newest trends.

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