Are You Throwing a Last-Minute Party? Quick, Read These Tips!

As with many things in life, parties and events may come unplanned or on short notice. And if you happen to be the host, then the rush is double for you. But don’t panic, since you are here with the party pros, we give you some smart, easy tips to throw a party.

Last-Minute Party Tips: The Facts First

Dessert trays, catering rentals

Rent dessert trays and other catering equipment

How big is the party? What is the purpose? Do you have the whole guest list? Is it a daytime event or an evening party? Will there be children too? These are some of the starting guidelines that will direct you toward making effective decisions.

Space and venue are the key factors, so whether it’s happening in your home or someplace outside, briefly analyze the flow and where guests will mostly gather.

Invitations: Take advantage of technology

No time for sending special invitations and cards, so tap into the social networks to reach out to guests as quickly as possible. Also, another great way is to call them personally on the phone; they’ll be sure to remember that. Invite people who know one another, but not limited to them only.

Drinks make it easier

No party or event can start without some decent drinks. But since you are in a hurry, then stick to some classic basics that would give the impression that you’ve really prepared for the party. An excellent wine (red and white) gives away some class, and depending on the occasion you may also go for fine sparkling wine. If you wish to add some cocktails, a dry martini is a safe bet – and a simple one! Make sure it is served in the right cocktail glasses.

Don’t forget the opened liquors you keep at home, and always have an extra portion of ice in the fridge. For children, make sure you have extra supplies of juice or soda.

Any Food?

finger food for receptionsWell, depends on the event itself, but mostly – there has to be some food. Even if it is a cocktail party, you will need to provide some quick bites. And, this is the part where you can make it personal, or give that special touch of your style to the party. Catering is always a good idea, so be sure to call the catering service first and on time. However, you can add something yourself, like baked home-made sweets. Do not underestimate the small but catchy details – like providing portions of nuts and cashews, chocolate dips, cranberries (these also add a nice pop of color in the mix), displayed throughout in fine, delicate bowls set above beautiful table linens.

Music must be on

What else, besides the people, sets the tone for the party in general, if not music? Even if it is played low in the background – if the occasion requires so, it gives the party an underlying tone. When you think of the mood you want to create, rely on music, and create matching playlists for the event – that is the quickest way to add a celebratory and joyful mood instantly.

We hope you and your guests enjoy your party! In the end, it’s about having fun and good memories!


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