Perfect Style of Plate for Every Party

If you’re planning a big event or party where you’re serving a sit-down dinner, the table setting needs to draw the eye and enhance the overall party experience. Of course, there are a few aspects to consider when choosing the perfect plates for your party. Yes, even a simple plate can make a bold statement. So, let’s take a look at the various plate trends, and see which type of table setting is right for your party.

chic modern setting for your holiday dinnerPlate Trends

You wouldn’t think it, but plate trends change quite often. Not too long ago, everyone was rushing to replace round plates with square plates. Then came the oversized plate, and the mismatched rustic home-made ceramic plate. Then we all ditched plates altogether and replaced them with bowls. Today, it’s all about personal style, so don’t think too much about the latest trends in plates. Think about what is going to create the right effect for your party. Table decorations can be a lot like a theater production; you want to put on a show.

The Plate Should Match Your Theme

Each type of plate will say something about the event. For more formal events, stick with formal white china, or a white plate with a sophisticated trim in gold or silver. You can always use linens and floral decorations to add a little color to the table. Birthday parties, kids’ parties, and graduations may call for a little more color. Choose happy, fun colors to add excitement and joy. If you’re looking for a little drama in your table setting, choose plates with funky and bold patterns. For a rustic, garden theme, don’t be afraid to mix and match plates to make it all feel a bit more organic and home-made. Whatever your theme, we’ll have a plate to match.

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Vintage Mismatched China

The Shape of Your Plate

Round plates will always be the most classic. The most natural progression is to go from small to large during the meal. If you want to get very formal, you’ll have a charger plate that will always remain on the table as the other plates are getting switched out. Square plates are more modern and can be stylistically interesting. However, if you’re sitting at a round table, square plates may just feel awkward. Sometimes, the shape of your plate will be dictated by the shape of your table.

Showing off the Food

Despite changing trends, we always tend to fall back on white plates, or plates that are mainly white. The reason we keep coming back to white plates is that it is the best way to display the food you’ll be serving. When you feature quality ingredients that are bursting with colors, you want the plate to serve as a blank canvas to show off the food.

Plate trendsQuick note: if you’re serving sushi, the classic rectangular sushi plates still reign supreme. 

Rent China and beautiful platters for your party

At Colorado Party Rentals, we have a huge selection of plates, flatware, and glassware for every party. Talk to a party planner about your party and we’ll help you create the perfect table setting. We’ll even stage a few table settings ahead of time so that you know exactly how it is going to look. We’ll work with any other party planners or caterers to make sure that we find the perfect plate for your party.


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