Tips to avoid a cold fall wedding party

During the fall, Colorado provides a romantic, beautiful scenery. The natural backdrop of golden, red, and orange colors makes it a perfect option to host a wedding or a special event outdoors. However, to be able to take advantage of Colorado’s fantastic fall nuances, it is crucial to take into consideration your guests.

No matter how beautiful your wedding reception is, if your guests are cold and uncomfortable, it will be a total disaster. Therefore, it is essential to include in your wedding checklist, elements to keep your guests warm and cozy, during the entire event.

Keeping the Party Hot and Your Wedding Guests Warm

Looking for a good location and time to host your fall event is essential to make it a success. But there are other essential elements and aspects you can consider and include to keep your guests comfortable, regardless of the time and temperature. Here are some handy tips to keep your guests warm in your fall wedding reception.

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Selecting the Correct Wedding Tent

The first thing you need to get is the right tent for the season. Take into consideration your particular wedding needs and your guest list. Think of their preferences and yours, this way; you can narrow the tenting options. Your wedding tent should be big enough to house your entire wedding party.
Consider a dancing area, plus plenty of space for your guests and your catering staff to move comfortably between the tables. White pole tents are perfect for big outdoor weddings.

Tent Sidewalls and Windows

The whole idea of hosting an outdoor event is to enjoy nature. Nevertheless, it is essential not to underestimate her. Mother Nature can be beautiful and delicate, but also harsh and unpredictable. Therefore it is vital to be prepared for the unexpected.

It is recommended adding sidewalls and windows to your wedding tent. Just in case it is necessary to provide some extra protection to your guests. You can have sidewalls that are solid white, or you can choose sidewalls that come with clear windows, so you enjoy the magnificent surrounding views and landscape.


To avoid handing out wool socks and having all of your guests wear clunky winter boots to your wedding, be sure to add a subfloor to your tent. The ground is going to be the coldest as the temperature drops. By putting in a subfloor, you will allow your guests to wear their fancy party shoes without freezing their toes off by the end of the night.

Hit the Dance Floor

Providing your guest with a dance space can raise the temperature, keeping your wedding party hot all night long! Dancing is a great option to let your wedding guests interact and enjoy themselves.

Heating for Outdoor Wedding Tents

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You’ll need hot drinks when you come back from playing in the snow!

Adding a few heaters is a great option to keep your guests warm. Although late-night dancing will keep the blood flowing, adding a few heaters around the tent will keep guests warm during the dinner, as well as those who would rather sit and mingle than be on the dance floor. Don’t forget to rent generators to go with your heating devices.

Hot Drinks at the Bar

Every wedding tent needs a bar area. For a fall wedding, make sure that you add a few hot drinks to the menu. Hot toddies and hot chocolate are a great addition to a fall wedding. Warming your hands and heart with a big mug of delicious hot cocoa is going to go over well with both the adults and the kids.

Follow these easy tips and keep your special event hot and guests warm. Contact Colorado Party Rentals today and let our professional staff guide you to the wedding or special event of your dreams.

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