Wedding Color Mistakes: Forcing the Theme Color

Wedding colors should be subtle and soft, but a pop of bright, bold color can heighten the mood and add a bit of energy. However, when it comes to the dominant color at the wedding, you need to make sure that you don’t overuse it and overwhelm the wedding design. Here’s how to use a dominant color in your wedding without allowing it to take over.

Complimentary Colors and Contrasting Colors

Creating romance with color

Finder light and delicate hues to make your dominant color softer and more romantic.

Complimentary colors can be similar, within the same spectrum of one color, but complementary colors an also be contrasting. Playing with various shades of your dominant theme color and then enhancing it with contrasting colors will create texture, layers, and an interesting visual. A big mistake that people make is to force their dominant theme color on all aspects of the wedding.

Softening a Dominant Theme Color

The dominant color of your wedding theme may be bold and bright and beautiful, but if you use it too much, it can overwhelm the mood. A bright yellow, red, green, or blue can be useful in creating the right atmosphere, but if you use it too much, it will lose its power. The trick to having a bright, bold theme color is to soften it up by using other shades of that color, as well as neutrals to make tone down the loudness of the dominant color. Choose your use of the theme color wisely and don’t force it.

Where to Use the Dominant Color

Wedding table design

Choose one element to show off a pop of color and then work with neutrals and whites to create texture.

You want to tease your dominant color and not include it in every aspect. If everything matches, the design will seem flat and boring. If you want to infuse color into your wedding design, make sure that you don’t overuse that color. If you’re going to add pops of bright red, yellow, green, purple, blue, etc. to contrast a white wedding, use those colors sparingly for the most significant effect. Less is more. You don’t want to end up with 20 round reception tables that have red linens, red centerpieces, and red flowers. Choose one item on each table that will feature your dominant color and then soften and compliment that color by surrounding it with neutrals and softer shades.

Design Your Reception Table

The best way to play with how to use a dominant color in your wedding theme most effectively is to do a mock-up of your reception table. That way, you can see exactly what effect color will have on the overall visual. We can do several mock-ups using your wedding theme colors so that you can make the choice that is right for you.

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