Tips for a Successful Fundraiser Event!

A bank of fundraising event ideas is hard to come by, which is why Colorado Party Rentals is here to give you a few good ideas. Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need to throw a successful event. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or fundraiser, we are your one-stop shop! Fundraisers don’t have to be stuffy events; we have a few ideas for out-of-the-box evenings. Learn what you can do to make this an evening to remember!

Corporate serving styles

Go For the Appropriate Venue

The curb appeal of your venue is critically vital to the success of your event. If you are asking people to spend money, they will want to be assured it is going to a good cause – one that is well-organized. As your guests enter the event, even in the parking lot, assumptions and judgments will be made, whether positive or negative. Be sure to make it a positive experience for them with an enjoyable venue and expert staff!

Of course, renting a large elegant tent is always a good option!

Event catering services DenverMatch the Meal with the Ticket Price

When making meal choices, avoid making decisions from a merely economic standpoint. Pick a meal that guests would enjoy. A fantastic meal is the cornerstone of a grand event, as a bad meal will negatively influence their experience.

Provide Multiple Donation Options

The purpose of a fundraiser is to raise funds; donations are just as important as attendance. Diversify the options of soliciting contributions. Several options include a live or silent auction, a raffle, or selling tickets for the event itself.

Some Party Theme Ideas

Color Party

Many organizations or causes have colors or emblems attached to them. Host a party with a central theme or color that correlates if not copies the fundraiser’s purpose. Encourage guests to attend in that color. Plan the food and décor around the central color or theme to foster a greater sense of unity.

Event organisation: Cooking with liquid nitrogenParty Party Party

Throw an elaborately lavish party with entertainment and food, donated by area restaurants and a few live bands. Charge a ticket fee for admission, but make the party one that guests will want to be at!


Imagine having multiple chefs from around Denver hosting a cook-off. If you can’t procure a chef, try asking friends that have cooking skills. Guests can watch them prepare the food and then partake! You can raise funds by selling tickets to the event!

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