How to Survive Outdoor Summer Weddings as a Guest

Tips for Attending an Outdoor Summer Wedding

If you have been invited to an outdoor wedding that will take place during the full heat of the summer, don’t panic. In this blog, we will tell you how to survive the heat while still looking good and staying comfy.

Organize An Outdoor Summer Wedding

Wear the Right Clothing and Shoes

Clothing made of natural fibers like cotton sundresses is preferable for women. Breathable fabrics and loose-fitting clothing will be your ally. Strike for apparel that will give you the right balance between formality, stylishness, and comfort.

The gentlemen can go for a seersucker or light tan suit.

For shoes, avoid sky-high stilettos as you will find yourself tripping on cobblestones or sinking into the grass. Opt for a wedge heel. Or, if the occasion allows it, a dress sandal.

And, last but not least, white clothing, shorts, and flip-flops are big NOs! Signature wedding cocktail

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to surviving an outdoor summer wedding. Water will keep you cool while reducing the risk of heat stroke. Bring water.

Go Light On The Makeup

The main idea is to combat sweat by avoiding excess make-up. You can use blotting papers that will absorb oils without coating the skin.

Shield Your Face with Sunscreen

A blistering sunburn on that special day is not something you would want to keep a wedding memory. Protect your skin from the dangers of the sun with a good sunscreen, even if there are shaded areas.

Another good idea is to wear a hat to cover even more of your face. Just make sure it matches with the wedding’s theme.

Garden party ideasWith these tips, you will have fun, look beautiful, and stay cool on your next outdoor summer wedding in Colorado.

Need to Organize An Outdoor Summer Wedding?

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