Turn Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland This Season

Colorado Party Rentals in Denver has everything you need for holiday events and happenings! With our holiday party guide, and our event equipment rental, you have no excuse to experience the fullness of the holiday season! You don’t have to wait to be invited to a party or throw one yourself to get in the holiday spirit, start now in your own home! See what you can do in your home to create your own winter wonderland in preparation for the holidays with Colorado Party Rentals!

winter decor

Add Bling

Bling goes a long way, particularly during the holiday season, in adding festive cheer to any arrangement. Metallics or anything with sparkle adds shimmer without being over the top.  Add ornaments with a little sparkle to your tree, the mantle or dispersed in a wreath on the front door. You can add a little glamour to your sparkle by placing a mirror behind floral arrangements or candles on a console or buffet table. If you have smaller mirrors, place on a table and put your candles on top for a festive touch.

Wintery Colors

Frosty blues, silver and white thrown into the decorating mix are a few unconventional Christmas colors that remind one of the season without the overpowering red and green. Whites and other neutrals feel seasonal and bring sophistication as well. To create a natural looking centerpiece, group candles or flowers in the same color family, such as all white, or mixing different blooms and shades of the same color.

Bring Outside In

Bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors this winter. Raw wood, even logs stacked against the wall or under a console add warmth to a room. Poinsettas or other greenery are also excellent indoor additions. Poinsettas can be arranged in groups, to make a visual impact or greenery boughs made into garlands can be draped down tables, on mantles or cascading up a stairwell for a striking arrangement.

Bring winter indoors

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