Unique Mix ‘n Match Style for Your Next Event

Choosing a theme for your next event could be easier than you think!

The choices of color combinations, table linens, and centerpieces are seemingly endless, but your next party can come off with effortless style if you mix it up with strategically unmatched pieces of tableware.

It may feel against your grain to decorate with various color schemes and design patterns, but you can bring a unique touch to your tablescape by carefully choosing unique combinations. Maybe you’re willing to give it a try. You may be asking, “where do I begin?”

Alternating textures blend for Unique Style

Various textures in neutral dinnerware

A Simple Guide to Creating a Unique Look

1. Pick a color theme. The colors can include any of the shades within its color family, but try not to throw together too many different colors. Stick to no more than three colors for this application. Keep in mind that various shades within that color family will bring more depth to your color palette. For instance, you may be thinking you’d like to go with blues, reds, and yellows. In this case, you may choose to combine a navy blue with pastel sunny yellow and blend a bold red. Within each place setting, you may connect a different shade from the various color families.

2. Mix your textures. You are not limited to flat white china. This is your chance to look for exciting pieces with unique textures; quilted, scalloped, square, or smooth.

3. Express yourself. Be adventurous with this style. You can show off your personality here and have fun!

4. Don’t be afraid to use only one! If you find that bold and beautiful piece in a thrift store or estate sale, you don’t need to be concerned that it doesn’t come with a full set. Just one will do for mix ‘n match style. When you meet the staff at Colorado Party Rentals, and you can’t decide between china patterns, don’t decide; go for several!

5. Stick to a central theme. Choosing a theme can help give you direction in collecting and choosing pieces. You may select a beach/coastal theme and go with neutrals, pastel blues, and turquoise. Maybe you want to pick a Mexican Talavera-like look with various patterns that use the same color theme in bold blues and yellows. Whatever you choose, stick to it throughout each table at your event.

party rental Flatware

Multiple choices in flatware and cutlery

Build your unique table setting from the top down.

Start with dinner plates as your base and build your table from there. Once you have chosen alternating styles in a similar color family, move on to salad plates and bowls. Again, keep in mind that you have some creative room within your chosen colors. Then search for glassware, beverages, stemware, and finally, your cutlery. Your table linens will have to wait until last. Once you have your pieces in place, you can make decisions on table coverings.

Tie in your creative table setting with Colorado Party Rentals

rentals all over Colorado and WyomingAdd a few finishing touches with bold items that speak. Keep it within your theme and go for something not exactly expected on a dinner table. Choose objects like an exciting clock, a porcelain bird, a set of iron keys, a collection of seashells, or a fruit bowl of bright lemons and limes. You don’t have to stick to a traditional floral centerpiece. Colorado Party Rentals can make your vision come true!  Come, visit the showroom and bring some of your treasure-hunt finds. Allow one of our professionals to show you their selection of colors in table linens, styles of flatware, and dinnerware.


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