Pros and Cons of an All-Inclusive vs. DIY Wedding Venue

There’s a lot that goes into picking a wedding venue, but one of the main questions that people often ask is whether to choose a venue that is all-inclusive or a DIY wedding venue that will allow you creative freedom and control over vendors. As with anything, there are pros and cons to both choices. Let’s break it down so you can decide for yourself.

All Inclusive Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue

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When you choose an all-inclusive wedding venue you get just that, everything included. That is great for the couple that wants to show up at their wedding and trust that the venue has taken care of everything. The one thing that you won’t get with an all-inclusive wedding venue is creative control and personalization.

No Personal Touch

The downside to an all-inclusive wedding is that it may feel impersonal. The venue will have a few decorative setups available, but mostly they are pretty set in their ways. That means that your wedding photos are going to look a lot like all the other couples that got married at this venue. We’re not saying it won’t be gorgeous, elegant, romantic, and charming, but it won’t have that personalized feeling that you get from bringing a venue that lets you have your own decorations and vendors.

Can’t Choose Vendors

Before you choose an all-inclusive wedding venue make sure you research their vendors. You want to be sure that you like their style and their taste, especially when it comes to food. If you like all the vendors that the venue uses, then you’re golden. However, not being 100% happy with some of the vendors will make you feel like you settled, and you never want to feel like you settled on your wedding day.

DIY Wedding Venue

A wedding venue that lets you bring in all of your own decorations and vendors is going to give you complete creative control of your wedding. You may even be able to save a few bucks by shopping vendors and finding great deals that you won’t get from an all-inclusive wedding. Wedding rental companies can also help you maximize your budget, giving you many options for themes and decorations so that you won’t have to compromise your vision.


Wedding venues

Flying Horse Ranch
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You’ll have all the variation in the world when you work with a wedding rental company. You’ll have access to every style, color, and trend from one convenient location. You can personalize and customize your wedding so that it is the perfect representation of you and your partner, not a one-size-fits-all style wedding.

Longer To-Do List

There are a lot more balls in the air when you take creative control of your wedding. Keeping track of vendors and wedding rentals is a big undertaking. Many details can slip through the cracks. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help you keep track of the details and stay on top of vendors. There are also wedding rental companies that have coordinated and designed hundreds of weddings and will help you avoid amateur mistakes.

Once you have your venue, schedule an appointment at Colorado Party Rentals to check out our inventory of wedding rentals and decorations. We can match any style, theme, or trend to create your dream wedding.


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