Unique Outdoor Wedding Arch Designs

A key part Colorado weddings are the arches behind the bride and groom. This beautiful element of the wedding may not seem incredibly important at first but it serves as the backdrop for some of the most important moments of the entire wedding.

This is especially true for outdoor weddings, which is why you want to be able to avoid making any big outdoor wedding mistakes and go with an arch that will truly impress the guests. Here are some of the most unique outdoor wedding arch designs to help make your wedding look fantastic.

Flowerless Arch

Although most wedding arches that you see are going to have flowers surrounding them, that doesn’t necessarily mean that yours has to as well. In fact, by not including flowers on your arch, you can sometimes help to make it really stand out. A good replacement for the lack of flowers would be the hang long and colorful ribbons or streamers from the arch instead. This will provide the same level of color as flowers but in a much more unique style.

nique ceremony arch with trees

Create a unique ceremony arch with trees and a natural backdrop.

Circular Arch

An arch by very definition is arch-shaped. However, turning your arch into a circle is an easy way to divert from people’s expectations and create something that is guaranteed to grab their attention. Standing in front of a complete circle arch rather than one of a traditional shape almost adds a level of excitement to the entire ceremony, which is exactly what you want on your wedding day.

Rustic Arch

For weddings that are taking place in a rural location,  you may want to stray from traditional arches and instead go with something a bit more rustic. If you put some twisted branches, vines, or bushels of pampas grass along the arch in place of the traditional flowers, then it can help really emphasize that rural look that you are going for.

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