Using a Mood Board to Guide Your Wedding Vendors and Designers

Planning a wedding means coordinating with several vendors and making sure everyone is on the same page. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to stay on track. A mood board is not only a fantastic and creative tool to help you develop a concept for the wedding, but it can also keep everyone coordinated and creatively in sync.

Creating a Mood Board

Starting a mood board

A mood board can help you find the color scheme for your wedding.

No wedding starts with a blank page. Everyone comes into the planning process with ideas, fantasies, and visions of their perfect wedding. Since we’ve seen so many weddings, the hardest part about deciding on a theme or concept is to narrow down your ideas. That is why a mood board can organize your thoughts and create a cohesive vision to guide you.

Starting the Mood Board

At first, the mood board functions as a physical brainstorming exercise. The goal is to let your creative juices flow. In the end, the mood board should help you build a complete experience, evoking emotion and getting everyone involved in your wedding as a guideline for colors, style, ambiance, and attitude.

What Goes on the Mood Board

How to use a mood board

A mood board can keep all of your vendors on the same creative page.
By Meigan Canfield Photography

Nothing is off-limits for a mood board. Find swatches of color that you are attracted to as well as materials that add texture. Collect photos that inspire you or evoke the emotion that you want for your wedding. Even lyrics from your favorite songs, poetry, and quotes can help you create a mood board that will deliver the exact experience you want for your wedding.

Keep All Vendors on Track

The mood board can be used to give your vendors an idea of the concept you have in mind. It will help the chef construct the perfect menu, the wedding designer choose the right decorations, the florist create unique centerpieces and bouquets, and the baker design the ideal cake. When they all come together on the perfect day, there will be cohesion and unity.

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