Wedding Seating Arrangement Guide

Our Wedding Seating Arrangement Guide for a Hassle-Free Plan

Seating arrangements don’t need to be difficult, although they often become one of the most stressful activities in wedding preparation. Setting a seating chart shows guests you thought about them and it cuts down the confusion of where to sit. Colorado Party Rentals has a thoughtful guide in today’s post for seating arrangements. table seating guide

Head Table

There are several options for the head table. It can be just for the bride and groom, or the bride, groom, and wedding party. Traditionally, the bride sits to the right of the groom, the maid of honor to the left of the groom, and the best man to the bride’s right. The rest of the table can follow the alternating male and female pattern. Child attendants can be seated at the head table, although, depending on age, they may prefer to be seated with parents or siblings. If you are able, include seating for the spouses of the wedding party, although this is not necessary.

Table of Honor

The table of honor is the table located closest to the head table. This is where the parents of both the bride and groom are seated, along with the wedding officiate, and grandparents if there is room. Two separate tables are acceptable if you have a large party or if there are divorced parents. Seat divorced parents at different tables of honor with their partners and close family or friends.

Kids Table

If you have a large number of children attending, plan to seat them at a separate kids table. Place this table close to the parent’s table. Run butcher paper down the center and include crayons or other little games to keep them occupied.

Wedding table set upSummary: Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t seat one single person at a table with all couples
  • Don’t seat all strangers at one table, disperse them among friends
  • Seat the elderly towards the back, away from speakers and dance floor
  • Ask parents and future in-laws for potential family minefields to avoid

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