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Looking for Ways to Add Timeless Simplistic Beauty in Your Party Decor?

The Mason jar – invented by a Philadelphia tinsmith, John Landis Mason – is a timeless addition in party decór. You can add a feel of effortless charm to your event with the use of Mason jars in your decorating plan. Mason Jars are not used only to achieve a “country” feel but have dozens of uses in communicating a knack for class, adding beauty without having to even think about it. Do you fear the Mason jar has come and gone – a tired idea? We challenge you to add a few touches of this simple tool to your next event. You don’t need large doses of Mason to achieve your goal. A few wide open roses with petals just skimming the wide mouth of a classic Mason jar proves that beauty is truly simple.


So, why the rise (or craze) in the use of Mason jars? Some say it has to do with the “return the homestead” – the idea that with factors around the economy feeling uncertain, the idea behind the glass wonder infers a measure of control. The “I-did-it-myself” achievement. With the renewed effort across our planet to reduce, reuse, and recycle the Mason jar allows you to do just that.

At your next event, try these simple ideas for creative ways to use the classic Mason jar.

1. Votive Candle Holders – For this application, we prefer the colored glass of the Mason jar for the colorful glow it puts off. Choose the mini size or the average size depending on your application.

2. Vases – This one seems obvious, but don’t stop at just placing your flowers in a clear jar. Consider painting the inside of your jar in various colors to accent your color scheme. Go for various sizes of jars grouped together to add depth to the table decor.

3. Utensil holders – For this, use choose a large Mason jar with a wide mouth to ensure its sturdiness for use.

4. Favors – There are numerous ways to gift a mason jar as a party favor, from sweets, and sauces, to prepared spa products like bath salts and sugar scrubs. Add detail with a creative tag and lid covering.

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