10 Steps to a Glamping Party That Will Keep Your Guests Talking!

“Glamping” Dinner Parties

Can camping really be an entertaining event? The Answer is YES! If you aren’t familiar with the term glamping, you should be. Glamping is the name given to upscale camping. While you may not think that camping is anything to celebrate when you do it the glamour camping way… it is! And soon, the warm summer nights will be the perfect time to enjoy great food and great company under the stars!


For your next dinner party, why not try something really unexpected and plan a night of glamping?

How to Organize a Glamping Party in 10 Steps

1. Start with the invitation. Let your guests know they should plan to wear something comfortable. This is a fun yet relaxing style, and they will want to take advantage of the lounge chairs and overstuffed pillows. Consider sending a paper paddle fan as the actual invitation. On this paper fan, you can write the party details.

2. Glamping locations vary widely. Don’t be afraid to try glamping in your own backyard.
 If you’d rather style your own glamping experience, you can still enjoy the ease of having your base camp set up with Colorado Party Rentals. Choose your base camp setup from their large selection of tent sizes and lighting options. Then, let them also take care of your dining and food service areas, with tables in every size and shape, and an endless selection of table linens.

3. Choose clear, flat ground. Should you choose to set up your own glamour campsite, choose an area free from sticks, rocks, and holes. Be sure, whether in your backyard or a rented space, that you have plenty of free space for your guests to move around, in and out of covered areas. Inside your covered areas, provide a tarp flooring to help with the “indoor” feel under the tent.

Outdoor Party Lights on a tree

4. Create atmosphere with comfortable elements scattered all around. Add chairs, cots, pillows, and tables all around your campsite.

5. Lighting is key! You want to pull the whole look together with the perfect lighting scheme.

6. Dress up your tent.  Add vintage streamers for interest, hang dividing curtains to create the feeling of separate rooms, string lights.  You can even create your own art to “hang” on the walls of your tent. Make it abstract and splash some paint here and there on an old sheet.

7. Provide a menu card to inform your guests what they can expect for dinner. 

8. Melamine plates and tumblers make the ideal outdoor party dinnerware. Don’t be afraid to go for varying patterns in a similar color family.

9. Keep the menu light. When it’s warm, you don’t want your guests to feel that heavy too-full feeling.

camp-fire and people having fun

10. Don’t forget the fire pit and, of course, the must-have s’mores! While you can never get tired of classic s’mores, your glamping dinner party may call for more of an upscale s’mores, like “campfire cones.” Fill a waffle cone with marshmallows and candy pieces, wrap in foil, and grill. Then unwrap, cool, and eat with a fork. Be sure to gather comfy chairs and pillows around the fire pit for your guests to enjoy the warmth and the glow.

Colorado Party Rentals Can Make Your Glamping Dinner Party a Success!

Count on us for all of your glamping needs. We will deliver and set up your tents, lighting, tables, chairs, and even your table linens. Let us make suggestions about how to keep your guests comfortable, with fans to keep the air moving and to keep pesky mosquitos away. Your luxury camping night will be the experience all of your guests can’t stop talking about.



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