How To Create Vintage Party Streamers with 4 Simple Materials

The term DIY has certainly made a very popular appearance all over the internet! But the truth is, the age of Do-It-Yourself really stole its resourcefulness from our ancestors! The original pioneers and immigrants knew all too well what it meant to Do-It-Yourself! With limited finances, materials, as well as uncooperative weather and occasional unforseen tragedy – these true homesteaders had to use what they could to be as prepared as they could.  With a few simple ingredients you too can DIY!

Here is how to create a vintage streamer with 4 simple materials!

DIY Materials

DIY Vintage Party Streamers

What you will need:

1. 4 yards of fabric – can be in various correlating colors and patterns, or… 2-3 large flat bed sheets.

2. Several yards of twine – you will be cutting this into several different lengths based on the areas in which you intend to use the streamers. Look for a roll of rope twine to get the most length.

3. Wide grosgrain ribbon – in correlating colors and even patterns.

4. Sharp scissors. This task will be much easier with a pair of true Fabric Scissors that are sharp.


What you will do:

  • Begin by “folding” the entire length of your fabric or sheet into 4 inch wide sections. Be sure to keep the entire length of the fabric (whether sheet or fabric)  folded. You will fold it over once, then flip the entire length of the fabric to “fold” it again, continue doing this until you achieve a fold of about 6 widths. Then make your cut along each of the folded edges cutting about 6 pieces of fabric together at once.
  • Once you have cut the length, continued to “fold and flip” the remainder of the sheet or fabric until you have cut into 4 inch wide strips the entire piece.
  • Now, separate each piece of fabric and find the middle. Cut the piece in the exact middle create 2 pieces. Do this to each piece of fabric length.
  • Measure out your twine based on the location you would like to use it in. Be sure to give it a little sag to get the full effect of the bulky vintage streamers. Cut your twine leaving tie off length as well.
  • Now measure off 8 inch lengths of your grosgrain ribbon. You will want to have at least 6-8 ribbon puffs in each of your streamer sets. So purchase the overall length of ribbon based on the number of streamers you intend to make and of course the length of each streamer.
  • It’s Time to Tie! Simply take each of your “halved” lengths of fabric onto the twine with a loose basic knot. Continue to tie on your pieces until you have filled your length of twine leaving room to tie off. Now, sporadically place your  shorter lengths of ribbon and tie int he same way, interspersing them across the length of twine.
Party Streamers

Vintage Party

You can achieve this Vintage look and be part of the Do-It-Yourself world. You don’t have to have the “crafting” gene to pull off a handmade look. With this no-sew method, your vintage streamers will look like they came straight form the homestead.

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