Your Guide to Renting a Tent for Any Event!

Outdoor mealA tent makes it possible to have a party, event, or wedding nearly anywhere! Are you planning a breathtaking lakeside reception? No problem! Rent a tent and your party is on the way. One of the most common questions we hear at Colorado Party Rentals is, “Do I really need a tent?” We agree with most professional wedding and event planners who would say, “You never know if the weather will turn.” You can choose your tent, but you can’t choose the weather. Even if it doesn’t rain, summer heat or winter cold can be enough to ruin an otherwise great event.

If you book an outdoor venue with no dependable backup plan (meaning an indoor venue on site for emergency cases), then you will need to book a tent! Even if you don’t have to use it, it’s called dream insurance. You have a dream, and you want to see the image of the perfect day come true. Don’t let sudden rain, cold weather, or even hot weather stand in your way.

Many wedding planners will tell you that booking a tent goes right under the “choose your venue” task on your wedding preparation to-do list. Add tent rental to your event planning budget and feel confident that no matter what, you are prepared!

But First: Choose the structure, style, and size for your event tent.

Decide which style tent is likely to suit your needs. A standard pole tent or a frame tent? Festival-peaked tent or a clear top tent?

To Help You Make This Decision, Consider These Three Main Points

tent with transparent roof, tent rentals1. How many guests will you be expecting? 

2. What style of reception are you planning? Buffet, cocktails, and hors-d’oeuvres, or sit-down dinner?

You may not be exactly sure how many guests you are expecting yet, and you may not even have decided the type of reception you want. Just estimate the number of people you plan to invite and then consider your venue space. Your venue will determine the number of guests you can invite and the style of reception you can plan.

3. Will you have entertainment? Will there be a band? A DJ? A stage and/or a dance floor?

Once you have these questions answered, let Colorado Party Rentals guide you in choosing the perfect tent for your wedding or event! You will be able to choose from Colorado Party Rentals’ wide selection of superior event tents. While we offer a wide selection of tent rentals, our most popular for weddings and corporate events are:

The Pole Tent: The most commonly used tent. It is usually the most aesthetically pleasing, with no major framework to cover up or hide. Pole tents have the swooping “roof.” One drawback is that pole tents will have a center pole for a support that you will need to work around. You will also need to provide clearance around all sides for proper anchoring. These support poles can be easily hidden under drapes of fabric.

frame tent rental
The Frame Tent:
These tents are supported by a framework of pipes in the ceiling. This framework can then be hidden with a gorgeous fabric liner. Frame tents work beautifully for smaller guest lists because they can be more narrow than the average pole tent. If your site is small, you may be able to use a frame tent which can give you narrow width as small as 10 feet.

Pro Tip: Choosing a tent more square shaped than rectangle will help your event feel more intimate, bringing all of your guests closer together than spread out in a rectangle-shaped tent. Choose the shape that suits your venue best.

Pro Tip: Wider tents will have a higher ceiling, which means more air circulation. This can help keep your event comfortable and your guests happy.

rent any kind of tnet for your wedding or event

At Colorado Party Rentals, Our Professionals can Navigate You Through the Process of Renting Your Wedding or Event Tent Easily!

Have you wondered how to choose the right tent for your event? We can offer tips on calculating the number of guests. We can also suggest the best layout for your tables and food service area. Our experienced staff can also offer assistance with further needs, such as tent heating in cooler months and ventilation in warmer months. At Colorado Party Rentals, you can rest assured you will find the best items and tents to make all your events in Denver & Colorado Springs truly unique.



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