7 Easy and Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s time to honor your father or another father in your life and you need a great idea!

If you want to get something truly original to the “fathers” in your life we give you some original ideas that will surely make amazing gifts.

Seven Easy and Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. A Specialty Wood Box or felt lined tray for his dresser top. This is where he can throw his keys, extra change, and set his cologne.

2. A Selection of Sauces and marinades for the grill.  Include spices for dry rubs and grilling creations. Which brings us to number three…

3. Grill tool set.  In many home improvement stores you can find a great set of 4 pieces including the stiff cleaning brush. Look for a case to store them in or choose a heavy duty apron to give along with the tool set, and wrap the tools in the apron for storage. Unless there is a dedicated place for grill tools, they tend to be a nuisance in the kitchen.

4. Small tool bag with a few essential tools. This is for handling small tasks around the house. This set will serve as the “easy-to-grab” tool set for minimal jobs that just require a little tightening or adjusting. This kit should include: a hammer, a flathead screwdriver, a phillips head screwdriver, a medium sized crescent wrench, a razor knife, a medium channel lock tool, and a small flashlight.

This is a gift for dad and the whole family. This way when there is a small task that needs some attention, he will know just where to find the screwdriver or hammer. No need to make a trip to the garage to rummage for what he needs. This tool bag should be kept for only these items and left under the kitchen sink or on a shelf in the nearby closet.

5. A Car Safety Kit– Put together a safety kit for roadside emergencies. In a small tote include a multi-tool- leatherman , First Aid,  paper map of your area, glow stick, flashlight, lighter and striker.

6. Gourmet Coffee. Let’s face it much of life as “Dad” requires  a whole lot of dedication and there isn’t always time to stray from the normal routine. Daily coffee is probably just the best grocery store brand on sale that week . So spice it up and prepare a set of delicious gourmet coffees for him to try. You may choose a coffee from Costa Rica, Kenya, or even Guatemala!

7. A Shaving Kit.  A Shaving Kit represents a timeless gift. Even for our bearded dads, some grooming is required to keep his beard tamed. Stay tuned for a coming post on how to create your own handmade shave kit creams and balms.

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