Accentuate The Art of Manliness for a Corporate Event

Need an idea for a mostly male gathering?

Maybe you are planning an office party, a bachelor weekend, or possibly a corporate event. Dignify the gentlemen at your event with a well-thought gift intended to accentuate the Art of Manliness.

Almost as a rite of passage, a young man grows and is taught the art of manliness step by step. It may begin with learning to groom himself properly – combing his hair, shaving his face, and how to choose personal care products. Then, he is introduced to the infamous shaving kit, and he learns what is included in this package and the purpose of each item. For instance, what in the world is that brush for? Isn’t it just as well to use your hands to smear on some foaming shaving cream?

The traditional wet shave badger brush allows him to create the perfect lather in a shaving mug, and then, with application, raise the facial hair for a close shave without pressing the razor into the skin.


He may not even need all of these products yet, but owning a shaving kit feels like a step toward manliness!

The men in our world may want us to believe that they just don’t care all that much about their appearance. Many pretend as though they just run their fingers through their hair, and that’s it! But we have seen them, fussing a little longer at the mirror to get that one strand of hair to lay down or checking and double-checking that his sideburns have been trimmed to equal length. Even our bearded friends want their beards to look soft and to lay down well. No one likes the mountain man look, and even if you can get away with a beard in the corporate world, it has to be well-groomed!

Men enjoy looking good and feeling good about their appearance, so let’s help them indulge! For your next corporate event or office party, give the men of your world the gift of a high-end grooming kit complete with natural conditioning products! Many of these products you can even make yourself.

How To Build a Grooming Kit:

  • Shaving Brush/Applicator
  • Shaving lotion bar/or specialty cream
  • Beard oil and beard balm or aftershave balm
  • Fine tip scissors
  • Small magnifying mirror
  • Talc-free powder

A quality shaving kit is a distinguished gift to give a man.  Be creative with your choices and give different base scents like sandalwood or cedar. Gather all of your items atop shreds of recycled paper, in a wood box, or even in a small metal pail. Dress the gift with a bulky red knot instead of a bow and attach a card listing the items you included.

Colorado Party Rentals Helps You Honor The Men in Your World!

Visit our showroom for more ideas on how to dress your event for the maximum “manly” impact. Our professionals can show you colors and place settings that will fulfill the vision for a truly manly event. Make an appointment today and let us show you the many options to bring your vision to life!


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