Satellite and Specialty Bar and Beverage Wedding Trends

We’re sure you’ve heard about satellite bars, also known as specialty bars. These bars are unique and separate from regular bars. As the bride and groom are the stars of the day, your unique beverage can be too. In this wedding trend, couples can serve their signature drink, a variety of juices, sodas, or a DIY bar experience for their guests. 

This helps reduce any bottleneck and control the bar line so no one gets overwhelmed and everyone has a lovely time at the wedding. 

What Types of Bar Setups Are Trending 

There are many options to choose from, but the best bar wedding trends are:

Tequila Bar

If you have a tropical-themed wedding, then a tequila bar is the ideal choice. It’s best to get an attendant to help guests mix drinks to their taste and preference. You can either go with a rustic wooden bar or elevate the appearance by adding a modern touch through simple glassware and fancy tequila bottles.

Vodka Bar

If you don’t want your wedding bar to be limited to drinks, you can introduce luxury food items, such as caviar, which pairs best with vodka. The combo will make it the ultimate beverage station and will please a sophisticated crowd.

Specialty Drink Bar

Give your signature drink its bar and decorate it with stunning bar backdrops, such as flowers, candelabras, exquisite glassware, etc.

Snow Cone Bar

Want to do something fun and unique? Add a snow cone satellite bar. Great for adults and children, you can keep your guests entertained and provide them with the much-needed treat on a hot sunny day. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Go crazy with a hot chocolate bar and provide options like cinnamon stirrers, marshmallows, candies, whipped cream, etc., so your guests can create the perfect cup to their liking. 

Limited Bar

Another popular beverage wedding trend includes a limited bar. Offer your guests no-hard liquor and a few specialty non-alcoholic drinks for those who prefer beer, wine, or no alcohol.

What Do You Need to Create Specialty and Satellite Bars at Your Wedding?

Here is a short checklist that you need to follow when creating multiple satellite bars at your wedding:

  • Choose a bar service
  • Decide on the drinks that will be served
  • Calculate bar pricing
  • Decide on the glassware
  • Bar backdrop decorations 
  • Staff and equipment

Satellite bars are a wonderful beverage wedding trend idea to woo the crowd. For more info, click here

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