Backyard Garden Parties with Personality and Style

Spring is right around the corner, so it’s time to move the party outside. Colorado is gorgeous in the spring, and the fresh pops of color from the spring blooms should inspire anyone to throw a fabulous outdoor party. There doesn’t even have to be a special occasion; being able to sit outside and enjoy great company is reason enough! Take inspiration from your surroundings.

Take Inspiration from Your Surroundings

get ready for spring garden partiesTo come up with the color scheme, you need only look outside. Use the colors in your garden as inspiration for your backyard party concept.

Matching the Colors of Your Garden

Spring should be a celebration of life. Everywhere, nature is blooming, and new life is springing up all around us. Take inspiration from the colors and the textures in your garden to find the right color scheme. You can either complement the colors that are in your garden, or you can choose contrasting colors to make the flowers, plants, and trees pop in comparison.

Table Setting

Springtime is coming, and the choices suddenly bloom! Being outdoors doesn’t mean you have to go to the casual picnic table route. You can spice up your garden party table setting by adding linens and china to match your concept and color scheme.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles to create something that is elegant and comfortable, vintage and modern. Make it personal, and make it enjoyable.

Use linens, runners, decorations, and china to add a little drama and depth to your table setting.

Garden party decoration ideas

Create a special cocktail that fits your concept and complements your color scheme.

Creating a Distinctive and Fresh Cocktail

Of course, you want the cocktail to be delicious and refreshing. You may want to make an alcoholic batch, and a virgin batch. However, you can choose the ingredients to complement the garden party decor. A fun, tasty, spring-inspired cocktail is a great way to welcome all of your guests. You can create a cocktail that follows your concept and color scheme, and you can bring it out with funky glasses and accessories, like colorful straws, fruits, and fancy toothpicks.

Planning a backyard party should be fun. Your decor should express your personality and your style, and hopefully, inspire Instagram posts and lively conversation.

Colorado Party Rentals for Backyard Parties

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