How to Elope: The Post-Elopement Party

There are many reasons to elope instead of a traditional wedding. Some couples want the nuptials to be intimate and romantic, something that is shared just between the two of you. A ceremony is often an emotional event, and not every couple want to have an audience, even if that audience is full of friends and family. But, this is true of almost every couple. Once the ceremony is over, and you have made your vows, every couple wants to celebrate. The post-elopement party is the solution to many of your elopement worries.

Post-elopement party

Take photos of your ceremony to decorate your post-elopement party.

Post-Elopement Party

The hardest part of eloping is worrying that you will be disappointing some of your friends and family. You may also be disappointing yourself. The reasons for eloping are personal to each couple, but even if you explain your reasons to friends and family, there will be some that are disappointed. It will be easier to tell those that are closest to you that you are eloping if you promise that you’ll return and throw a post-elopement party to celebrate with everyone you love. You should also not discount your own need to celebrate with the people you love the most.

“Save the Date”….and the Disappointment

Since everyone will know that you are going to get married, they’ll naturally wonder when they are going to get an invite. Having a post-elopement party gives you the opportunity to send out a “save the date” to your friends and family, and avoid some of the disappointment once they find out you are going to elope. A “save the date” to celebrate your marriage will also avoid awkward social-media surprise announcements.

Post-Elopement Parties are Less Stressful

How to elope

With a post-elopement party, you can have your cake and eat it, too.
By Meigan Canfield Photography

One of the most significant parts of eloping and then returning to a post-elopement party is that you are much more relaxed. A wedding ceremony may fill you with nerves and butterflies that can be distracting. When you elope, you keep the ceremony private, intimate and without any other distractions. Once the ceremony is over and you’ve had a few days to bask in the glow of your nuptials you can return home to your friends and family and throw a blast of a post-elopement party. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too?

Incorporating Your Elopement

Match the theme of your wedding to your elopement. Make friends and family feel like they were a part of the elopement ceremony by taking decorative cues from the wedding location. Everyone will want to see photos, maybe even video, of your ceremony so why not make them a part of your post-elopement party. Decorate with your wedding photos and elements from the ceremony.

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