Need a Great Idea for Luxurious Party Favors?

Have you considered natural handmade soaps as a luxurious, unique party favor?

Natural handmade soaps are the perfect idea for a wedding, or shower favor.  Luxurious handmade soaps are not only eco friendly but memorable.  A beautifully packaged bar of custom crafted soap makes an lasting impression and with the added benefit of smelling great, it’s a favor your guests can actually use.


The DIY Guide toSoap-IMG_3058.JPG Simple
Handmade Soap Favors

The sellers of handmade soap favors are plentiful and many provide interesting scents and creative labeling choices.  But, with the simple melt and pour method you can feel confident making the soap yourself.  Experimenting with essential oils and herbs allows you to create a truly unique favor for your guests.  Available at most crafting supply stores and soap making supply providers, you begin with what is known as the soap base. This is often a glycerine soap base already prepared and cured. 

Gather Your Supplies:

  • Soap Base. Note that a pure white soap base may contain titanium dioxide which gives it its white color. While this ingredient poses no harmful threat, it isn’t “all-natural”. If you prefer a completely natural bar opt for a soap base without colorant.
  • Double boiler, or glass heat-resistant mixing bowl nestled inside a pot with a slightly larger circumference.
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Soap Mold
  • Essential oil blends and luxury additives (Vitamin E drops, Crushed herbs, Oats, Organic Honey, or powdered flower petals to add color)

Simple Steps:

1. Place sauce pot, filled 1/2 way with water, over heat to boil .

2. Place soap base into your glass bowl and settle the bowl into the slightly larger sauce pot to heat.

3. As the soap base begins to melt watch carefully, scraping the sides frequently so as not to scald the soap base.

4. Once the soap has completely melted into a nice consistency, add the essential oil combinations of your choice. Rosemary/Peppermint, Lavender/Vanilla, Vanilla with Honey and Oats, The combinations are endless. Add the drops a few at a time adjust your scent until you reach the desired creation. Keep in mind the number of favors you require, note the number of drops of each oil you used so that you can repeat your unique blend with each batch.

5. Slowly pour your melted mixture into your silicone mold so that bubbles do not form. If bubbles should form spritz right away with rubbing alcohol and they will disappear. Allow to cool uncovered for best results 3-4 hours on the countertop. Once completely cooled, remove from mold and warp to preserve. There is no need to cure the soap because the soap base you started with was previously cured.

6. Add a creative label, a thank you tag or simple ribbon and your final product is ready to be remembered. Handmade soaps using the melt and pour method require minimal time investment for maximum effect for your event.

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