DIY: 4 Easy Steps to Creating Vertical Eye Candy Decor

Take your Decor from Flat to Fabulous by Going Vertical!

You’ve rented your tables and covered them with the perfect color combinations, creative accents, and gorgeous flowers. So, what’s missing? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that everything is horizontal. It can make the decor feel, just flat. So how do we fix it? Go vertical!

Keep things interesting by hanging lights and even Tulle Balls. Yes, the pom-poms of our yesteryear are still working today. Made with some eye catching tulle in contrasting colors, or even some tulle with a touch of glitter pizazz, a few balls of tulle can take your flat to fabulous in no time.


Mix it Up

Add a ribbon with a pop of color to draw your guest’s eye upward. Hang them at varying heights behind the gift table, over the dessert station or even dispersed throughout the entry area. If you want to spice it up a little more try creating a beautiful garland backdrop by making a smaller version of your tulle ball and then stringing several together on monofilament to form a garland. This would be a great backdrop for a cake table. The possibilities are really endless with these versatile pom poms. Here’s how to do it yourself.

4 Easy Steps

First, take a deep breath its easier than it looks. You will begin by cutting the Tulle into strips of different sizes depending on the application you plan to use them for. But, please note the strips don’t have to be perfectly cut. The easiest and most time efficient way to do this is with a Rotary cutter. If you don’t have one, no worries your regular sharp fabric scissors will work fine.

You will Need:

  • Tulle
  • Scissors (Or Rotary Cutter)
  • Something to tie it with. Ribbon is more gentle since tulle can tear quite easily if you yank the string too tight.
  • A piece of cardboard, gift box , or cutting board to wrap the tulle around for the creation process.

Pom Pom Preparation guides:

  • For Gift Wrap flair: A mini tulle ball will require 20 inch lengths of 3 inch wide tulle.
  • For Garland you will need to cut lengths of approximately 3 yards of tulle into 7, 9 or 12 inch wide strips. You will need to use a long large-eyed needle such as an upholstery needle to run a monofilament line through the center of each pom pom and tie off the end with a strong knot.
  • For Vertical Eye Candy to enhance your event you will want to go for size so use 3 -4 yard lengths at 12 or 15 inch widths.

DIY Steps:

1. Once you have chosen the size needed for your application, cut the lengths of tulle (20 inches, or 3- 4 yards) , then wrap the tulle around your working objet (cardboard or cutting board).

2. Tie ribbon at the center point on one side of the object. Then, gently slip it off and pinch both sides together and tie at the center again.

3. Now cut through the loops on each end gently.

4. Now all that’s left is to puff and adjust the strips. Be careful not to dislodge any pieces. Consider hanging the tulle balls with a contrasting color ribbon to add dimension to your color scheme.

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