Navigating Busy Season

smart swaps for in demand rentals!

Everyone in the event industry understands and has experienced a hectic busy seasonMultiple events happening in August and September can lead to potential shortages in some of our most popular items. Don’t worry! With our vast inventory here at Colorado Party Rentals, and a little out-of-the-box thinking, we can come up with alternatives for anything! 

bar swap

White Classic Bar

Do you want a white bar that’s sleek and sophisticated, but our Classic Bar is sold out?

Oxford White bar

Our Oxford white bar is similar in size and functionality, even though it’s a different shape.

glassware swap

amber daisy old fashioned

Our Amber Daisy glasses are known for their charming design and warm glow.

aura honey old fashioned

Our Amber Aura old fashioned glasses offer a similar allure with their tinted amber hue!

dinnerware swap

cotton stoneware

Our Cotton Stoneware collection has a minimalist design that adds a touch of understated elegance to any event.

ivory heirloom

Our Ivory Heirloom plates are a great substitute, as they share the same effortless, simplistic charm! 

lounge swap

conrad sofa

Our Conrad sofa is unique and eye-catching with it’s bright, gold color and curved shape.

goldenrod chairs

Our Goldenrod chairs are vibrant and the perfect statement for any corner of your event!

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