Wedding Color Mistakes: Being Too Predictable

Although many weddings have a similar color scheme, the biggest mistake that couples make is to be too predictable. When you are too predictable, you lose some of your personality. The design becomes flat, and there’s no wow factor. You want your wedding to be a total “wow,” filled with your style.

Unpredictable colors for wedding

Be unpredictable and break the typical color theme wedding rules.

Avoid Predictability

The way to avoid having your wedding color theme from becoming too predictable is to break the rules. The most significant rule that people tend to follow is to follow the colors of the season and to abide by rules that tell us which colors are acceptable for your wedding season. Seasonal colors can be beautiful, but you shouldn’t be afraid to throw in some pastels in the fall, or some earthy tones for your spring wedding.

Playing with Contrasting Shades

Contrasting colors will add texture and depth, but there is often more than one different color. Choose unusual, yet complimentary, color combinations to add contrast. By straying from typical color combinations and contrasting colors, you will make your color theme more exciting and memorable. Play with the shades of each color to create a mixture that is surprising and unpredictable.

Predictable Color Combinations

Color mistakes for wedding

Avoid a Christmas theme by using a soft blush instead of red, and a sage or mint instead of green.

By being unpredictable and choosing unusual color combinations, you will also avoid falling into color combinations that confuse the theme of your wedding. Green and red will make anyone think of Christmas. But if you choose hues of those colors like rose or blush, and pair it with a seafoam or mint green, you instantly move away from Christmas to a more romantic, soft wedding color theme.

Browns and orange can add too much Halloween to your wedding. But if you choose similar tones of orange and brown, or switch to a copper and golden tones, then you can get the essence of orange and brown without the spooky holiday factor.

The color theme for your wedding is a significant component of planning a wedding. Make sure you love your color theme before you start renting all of your wedding gear and ordering your flowers.


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