Creating Your Own Family Traditions!

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Create Family Memories For Life!

We have one chance in life to leave a legacy for our children. One of the legacies you leave are the memories made along the way. Colorado Party Rentals is in the business of creating memories, celebrating people, accomplishments, and once in a life-time events, such as weddings and graduations. We understand the significance behind details of creating these memories. Research has found that doing simple rituals enhances feelings of togetherness and family belonging by 20 percent! Here are 4 tips to creating your own family memories.

Make A List of New Traditions

Go wild with this one. Let your imagination run away with possibilities. Maybe it’s a Saturday morning walk or hike followed by weekly donuts. For the more adventurous, conquer a 14er as a family each year. Don’t forget to ask your kids for their ideas!

Write Down the TraditionDigital tablet computer with sticky note paper and cup of coffee

Put it on paper. Write it down for all to see. This will help keep you accountable as well to accomplish it! Put the ritual weekly traditions on your phone. Traditions must be kept. Remember to make time for it. Research has shown that the sooner you begin, within the next day or two, the greater chance you will have of keeping the tradition and sticking to it!

Plan it, Do it, Celebrate it!

Once you stick to it, celebrate your success. You are making family memories; you are leaving a legacy that won’t be forgotten! This is the stuff that will bond you together as a family.

Make A Photo Album To Remember It!

After all the effort of making and planning your family traditions, now you must record it for posterity’s sake. Make a photo album, or have someone in the family journal or make a sketch book of your trip, adventure, or family tradition.

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