Inspirational Color Schemes for Wedding Parties (Part 2)

After last week’s post, we continue with giving you some fresh ideas about creating a color palette for your special day. We hope you’ll find some inspiration and begin with planning your wedding decor.

Lavender and Purple

purple lilac linens how to choose wedding theme deep purple linens

A comeback of this popular tone is on the rise. The accent will be more on the bold purples and violets, and a bit less on the pastel lavender. Nevertheless, if you are more into nature and love the tranquil mood lavender brings, this can be the starting point in creating the color mood-board and theme for your wedding. Deep violet, on the other hand, is both an opulent and exuberant color that will impress many if arranged right. Whether with lighting colors, rich purple linens or charming flower centerpieces, there are many ways to incorporate this (dominant) color easily.

Living Coral – Pantone Color of the Year

china white with coral flower  specialty- damasks, satins, imperials 80

If you are one of those, who want to be up to the latest trends, then consider going with the hottest color of 2019 presented by Pantone: Living Coral. Promising an optimistic, blooming, and invigorating mood, this coral shade can bring a romantic and refreshing touch to your wedding decor. Choose from our linens and serviettes in coral tones, and combine them with silky white for an elegant feel. The good news with the coral shade is that it goes well with either golden or silver flatware and details – just avoid going with both of these at the same time.

Silver and Chrome

silver round plate LL natural embroidered (shown over silver)  LL silver crush fairmont
If you want to get away from the romantic gold and copper details that are so hyped (with a good reason we’d say), then we have some good news for you: silver and chrome are all in for next year. Expect to see lots of shiny elements and details with this highly reflective finish. So, go with bold pieces of silver and chrome flatware and platters, silvery candles, and candle holders like this silver candelabra. Check our silver sequin collection for that extra sparkle and flare.

Your Greatest Choice for Weddings and Events

Whatever you need for your wedding, Colorado Party Rentals is here to help. Our event planners will happily guide you through choosing the best, from linens to lighting, platters, glassware,  flooring, tenting, catering, venue organizing, and much more! Check our showroom and gallery for some extra inspiration too!


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