Inspirational Color Schemes for Wedding Parties (Part 1)

Planning a wedding . organic greeneryWhen it comes to parties, and weddings, in particular, people ponder upon the theme. But this time, we will skip the traditional theme subject and will suggest thinking regarding colors – and what they inspire within you. It is also, much easier to start with this when planning – and the idea for a theme may come later, naturally from this process.

Organic Greens

Green is Evergreen! But, not only as a color itself. This trend will remain one of the hottest in the new 2019! By including fresh greenery, it adds instant class and a natural comfort feeling to an event. That’s why it remains popular. Now, as we said – it is not about the color only – be sure to include natural green elements (as opposed to the plastic or artificial greenery), wooden elements such as chairs and tables, natural materials such for linens.  White is a perfect match against the green color and wood, so white linens and china platters will do the trick very well. Modern or rustic style – doesn’t matter, this color scheme matches well everywhere.

Deep Burgundy

bold color details ata barn wedding settingBolder deep shades are also on the outlook for next year as a counterbalance to the pastel ones. Boho is back but in a bolder way. We suggest using burgundy or dark lilac as decor details such as serviettes, flowers, platters or even glassware. These rich, deep hues stand for elegance and character, but be careful of using them too much or as a basic – it can make your wedding setting too saturated and darker than expected.

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