Using linens’ magic on your special event tables

Linens are one of the greatest and most useful assets for decorating parties, weddings, and special events while creating the perfect ambiance. And many party hosts often overlook this. Table linens can easily set the tone of your event, drawing together multiple elements in a specific room or venue. Therefore, it is vital to choose them wisely.

Colorado Party Rentals has quality linens for every occasion and special event, regardless of which one your planning or hosting. Our staff experts can help you select from our wide linen collection, the perfect linen that will boost and enhance your event. Here a few ideas to help inspire you for your special occasion!

Understanding linens’ visual weight

Table linen decoration

Photo credit: Relish Catering.

When you accurately add a tablecloth to your special event tables, you are adding visual weight to the room or venue’s décor. Using the right tablecloth will accent the primary color of the party theme or setting. However, to cast linen’s magic, it is crucial to understand that its visual weight relates to the room’s proportion.

This feature provides impressive benefits and qualities to play with. For instance: In a large room, you can keep the table setting from getting lost by using cloths woven with large, compactly arranged patterns. This will convey the visual weight. On the contrary, in small rooms, lightness can be suggested by using a tablecloth woven in an airy pattern.

Using Patterned Tablecloths

Patterns on tablecloths are great tools to create specific visual illusions or perspectives. With pattern linens, you can add depth to a table setting, brighten up an entire room or bring back to life a boring reception table.


Layering tablecloths, table runners, and napkins is a great strategy to add elegance and a designers’ look to your unique party table setting. Using multiple sized tablecloths can set the tone and style of your event. To keep the elegance and style, try placing the bottom linen, falling as close to the floor as possible. The second tablecloth should cover the table and fall about 12 inches off the side. Top it all off with a table runner down the center of the table, or several shorter ones laid across the width of the table.

Backroom linens

Selecting the correct linen colors

Selecting Table Linen Colors

Choosing the accurate linen colors will make a difference in your party. You can easily alter the mood inside a room or venue, using different linen colors. You can change the whole atmosphere on a table, without even changing the tableware.

In a formal setting, the colors used are typically white, ivory, and ecru. Sometimes pastel colors are often used as well. With informal dining, you can use various shades to create the ambiance you want.  However, every event is different and depending on the location, season, time, party or event type, and specific goals, one linen can work better than the other. Contact Colorado Party Rentals today and use linens’ magic in your special event.

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