Face to Face Company Meetings Are Becoming More Special and Elaborate

Weekly team meetings are a thing of the past; bi-annual company events are the future. Whether you operate a big corporation or a small business, the chances are that a large portion of your employees is working remotely. Technology has made it easier to be far apart, yet still work closely together. That means that face-to-face meetings with our entire team is a special occasion and planning these meetings are becoming more elaborate.

Planning a business event

Design your venue to allow for socializing and networking.

Company Meetings in 2019

Because it’s so rare that everyone gets to gather in one place you need to mark the occasion with something special. Meetings are becoming events, which means that you need to do a lot more planning. Making the meetings unique is essential, mostly because many employees probably traveled to get there and you want to make it worth their while. Plus, you want to capitalize on face-to-face interactions as much as possible. As tech-savvy as we are, some things are just more impactful when you are face-to-face.


Because meetings are becoming more like big events, many companies look outside the office for a location. That means that you have to think ahead to get the best venues to make your event special. Once your venue is secure, you need to start planning the event. It needs to have the right mix of business and pleasure. Since you don’t get to gather everyone too often you need to pack a bunch of items into one big event. That takes planning and coordination.


You want to create a space that is casual and fun and allows your team to socialize and network. Networking is still the most effective when you are face-to-face, so create an atmosphere that allows people to come together, interacting with each other. Design areas that are explicitly meant for socializing, including comfortable seating, food, and drinks. Make sure you create enough space around the bar area, dining area, and hangouts for people to comfortably move about.


Rent equipment for business event

Business meetings are becoming business events in 2019.

You also want to have an area set up for presentations and speeches and other business items. Find a separate location from the networking area so that there are defined areas for each activity. If you are doing presentations and speeches, make sure you have seating for everyone and an elevated stage area so people can see the presenters. Having audio and visual equipment set up will help make the event more professional and organized.

Defining the Venue for a Business Event

The more you can design and set-up your venue to create specific areas and locations for specific purposes, the more smoothly the event will run. You need to direct your guests, and the event will be much more effective. Being organized and having a plan from start to finish will ensure that your event is a success.

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