Event Activity Stations (Part 2)

To create a memorable experience at your wedding, event, or party, you need to go beyond the traditional decor. As we explained in the last post, activity tables are now considered part of the main event decoration, alongside the flowers and decorations. In this article, we will discuss three more options you can include in making your venue feel more dynamic.

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The New Guestbook Station

Guests always want to leave a memory for the event host as a remembrance that they attended. Formerly, a guestbook used to be placed for each guest to sign with their name, but currently, there are many more alternatives to add an element of uniqueness to your wedding hall. It is important you make this station very attractive and exciting for those who attend, go ahead and decorate it with flower arrangements and any details that bring out your party theme. To build this station, you first have to know what kind of memory you want your guest to leave. There are several alternatives to the old signature book:

  • Puzzle pieces that can be put together after your guests have signed it.
  • Any surface where they can sign, such as an old record, a figure, or an ornament.
  • A Polaroid camera that takes photographs for guests to sign.

The Goodies Station

Just like the guestbook has evolved, so have the goodies you provide the guests with. Currently, people choose to purchase elaborate crafts, succulents, or condiments to be placed on a table for each guest to take home as a special reminder after everything is over. The item you choose to give your guest can be according to the theme and placed in a space where your guest can easily take it as they leave.

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The Dessert and Cake Table

After the food, this table is the most coveted by your guests. This is where you place all those cupcakes and desserts. Guests will not just want the yummy desserts, but can also expect a table decorated according to the party theme. Many people decide to display the wedding cake on this table. Because cupcakes and sweets are already really appetizing and attractive, the decorations can be minimal, but pay special attention to the containers it will be served and placed on.


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