Event Activity Stations (Part 3)

As part of the themed party/wedding experience, many couples include food not only as a way to satisfy their guests but as part of the design of the event. The gained popularity of gourmet menus, finger foods, and sweet tables inevitably led to the new uprising tradition of food stations at weddings and events.

Food stationsCourtney-Evan-Wedding-Details-0077-XL

A modern version of doing food nowadays. Guest choose when and what they eat at your event! It is important to keep in mind when you are designing this table that it allows for smooth rotation and a fun menu that ranges to most if not all food preferences. The intention with the food tables is that the guests have a self-serve experience without limited portions.

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Build Your Own

The biggest trend right now at any event is to have food bars. The difference between a food station and a food bar is that the latter allows the guest to create and customize their food. For example, each guest can make their own parfait; all you provide is ready-cut fruits and toppings for each to combine and assemble to their liking. This is especially popular at weddings from couples who don’t necessarily want a gala dinner, and this station allows for a laid-back and fun feel.

Sweets Tablepipe3

The sweets table has become the star at weddings and events and goes hand-in-hand with the main course and alcohol. Guest love to indulge in delicious candy or small cocktail desserts. Sweet tables can range anywhere from simple tables with a few select items to really elaborate ones that contain up to 50 varieties of sweets. It is worthy to mention that this has been the pastry chefs’ and wedding planners’ favorite project to work on, as this table allows for a beautiful theme and memorable and unique sweets.

The amount and combination of activity stations and tables depend solely on the budget and desired design for the couple. It is a great idea to at least implement some stations for the entertainment of your guests, as well as back up the overall aesthetic design of your event.


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