Plan a “Make and Take” Party for Adults

You may remember a make and take party being a crafting day at your friends’ house. One of the moms planned a day for art projects during the summer. You brought one crafting item that you would need to complete, and if it was a real make and take, you may not have known beforehand what your final art project would be.  Well, the make and take party has grown up, and today’s make and take parties aren’t just arts n’ crafts anymore! They’re for just about anything you can think of…and they’re not only for kids!

Check out some of our fun ideas for hosting your make and take party for adults, and look for coming posts with details on these ideas!

  • Homemade beauty products.
  • Laundry detergent for a year!
  • Freezer meals for a month all in one night!
  • Jewelry Organizers or Hair Accessory Organizers
  • Handmade Home Decór
  • Freezer Desserts! Cookie dough for a month?

6 simple steps to plan your own make and take party!

1. Plan your guest list. Invite everyone you know who you think could benefit from a party like yours!

2. Choose an appropriate venue – You’ll need a place large enough to accommodate your guest list and one in which you make a bit of a mess.

3. Decide on just one project for the make and take. If you would like to make a month’s worth of meals, then don’t attempt to do anything else for that party. You won’t have the time or focus to make detergent and meals all in one night.

4. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Make a list of each ingredient you will need for your chosen make and take. Then create a recipe that will accommodate the number of people you’ve chosen. If you plan to make homemade detergent this will mean finding a baking supply or restaurant supply company and purchasing a whole lot of baking soda! So you may want to be the one to handle that responsibility. Then,  divide the rest of the ingredients and ask each invited guest to bring a portion of the recipe.

5. Preprint instructions on a card or each guest to use while at the party and to take home. You may even want to create a readable poster with your step by step instructions.

6. Give everyone their own workspace. Set up a large table with all of your ingredients arranged and labeled. Send your guests around the table to “collect” their ingredients. Then as they return to their workspace, instruct them on how to put together their Make and Take Project! Make and Take and Prep parties

You don’t need a birthday to plan a party!  Invite your gang over for no other reason than just to have Fun! With these make and take party ideas, your friends will be asking who should host the next one to keep the fun going!

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