The Wedding Planner: Essential Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Wedding ceremony essential rentals

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Once you’ve scheduled your dream wedding venue, it’s time to start decorating every element. When you plan your wedding, you have complete creative control. However, some features are universal in almost every wedding. Let’s start at the beginning and look at the essential wedding ceremony decorations.

Getting Ready for the wedding ceremony

We typically divide weddings into three areas, the ceremony, the dinner, and the party. Sometimes, couples choose to do a prelude to the celebration with a little cocktail set-up, but for now, let’s focus on the service. The ceremony will set the tone for the rest of your wedding. But there are also practical elements, as well as decorative elements.


Welcome sign

You may have picked a master of ceremony who will help greet and direct your guests through the wedding. However, having a sign with simple instructions or a simple message of love for your guests will set your ceremony off on the right note.

wedding decoration elements

Ceremony table

If you plan on having a program for your guests, have a little cocktail table or another type of table set up at the entrance to the ceremony area. Place your programs or other materials that your guests will need for the ceremony here.


Wedding TableYou will also need aisles of matching chairs in the style that matches your wedding theme. Renting chairs from Colorado Party Rentals gives you almost unlimited style options to complete your vision of the perfect ceremony. You can be casual, formal, rustic, modern, fun, funky, or traditional. Depending on the number of guests, chairs will take up most of the space at the ceremony, so choose chairs wisely.

Aisle runners

Besides seating for your guests, you need an aisle runner or something to mark the aisle and make it a focal point. You can create a walkway with an aisle runner, or you can add romantic and decorative markers to create an aisle effect. Using candles and flowers is a very effective tool.

Ceremony arch

The main focal point of your reception area is going to be the ceremony arch. You can build an arch frame and decorate it however you want. You can hide the frame with flowers, flowy drapery, or you can choose an arch that has some decorative appeal. For a rustic, woodsy wedding, we have ceremony arches in birchwood, pine, and lodgepole. We have a white lattice arch that is perfect for a spring garden wedding. Of course, we also have the white canopy ceremony arch fit for a fairytale wedding.

Decorative Ceremony Essentials

Candle holders and vases

To decorate your practical elements, like the ceremony arch, the aisle, and the chairs, don’t forget all the romantic wedding decorations to give your wedding ceremony the final decorative touch, like candle holders in all shapes and sizes, as well as, vases for floral decorations.


Lighting will add ambiance and warmth to your ceremony. The light you choose for the service can also be repeated at the reception so that there is cohesion. Sprinkle a little romance all over your ceremony with romantic and intimate string lights, mixed with live candles.

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