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How To Throw An Awesome Clambake with Colorado Party Rentals!

It’s September in Denver!  That means it’s perfect weather for throwing a party.  In this three part series, Colorado Party Rentals gives you the best fall themes for throwing an amazing party!  Today we give you tips on how to throw a traditional New England clambake!


The New England clambake is an American tradition older than America itself.  Pilgrims first learned about lobster from Native Americans.  They watched the Native Americans gather lobster, clams, mussels, and fish and then proceed to steam them on the beach over a hand dug sand pit lined with hot rocks.  Modern day clambakes are popular sunset dinners held in shoreline communities.  It’s a way for people to celebrate getting together as a community and sharing a meal.  Luckily, to host a traditional clambake, you don’t need a beach or a sand pit.  Colorado Party Rentals gives you tips on how to host a backyard clambake in your own neighborhood right here in Denver!

How To Host a Backyard Clambake

Luckily, to host a traditional clambake, you don’t need a beach or a sand pit.  For an authentic vibe, decorating your space with beach umbrellas and beach chairs would be recommended, but not necessary!  Colorado Party Rentals gives you tips on how to experience a backyard clambake in your own neighborhood in Denver!

Stock Images with paid rightsGrill It!  Boil It!

The typical clambake is boiled in a large pot.  This can be set up outside for a festive atmosphere.  Alternatively, you can grill as well!  Much like an old fashioned seafood boil, you can prepare a clambake in a roasting pan planed on the grates of your grill.  Pull out several grills for a large party.  Wrap your seafood tightly in foil packets, after seasoning, place directly on grill!

Set the Scene

Don’t think about linens at this messy gig.  Use sheets of brown paper.  Wrap your food in brown paper.  On the tables, set out bowls of broth and melted butter for dunking.  Have a tray of washcloths dipped in cold water and rolled tightly, stacked and garnished with lemon slices for guests to clean their hands after eating.


Ask your musician friends, or hire a band to play while you and your guests are enjoying the outdoor feast.  Music always brings merriment.  Dancing will be sure to follow!  Ask Colorado Party Rentals about our staging for your band.

Call Colorado Party Rentals Today to Coordinate Your Backyard Clambake!

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