Set the Tone with a Wedding Cocktail Hour


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We’ll work with your caterer to get all the equipment you need for a pre-reception wedding cocktail hour.

When you plan a wedding, you think about the ceremony, the reception, and the dancing. However, right after the ceremony and just before the reception, there’s that hour or so where your guests are gathering, but aren’t ready to sit down to dinner. To create a great flow on your wedding day, allowing for no time where your guests are standing around wondering what to do, arrange for a mini wedding cocktail hour! 

Setting Up a Wedding Cocktail Hour

When you plan your wedding menu, don’t forget to talk to your caterers about having a few snacks and appetizers to keep your guests satiated before the reception. Then, be sure to talk to your wedding specialist about extra cocktail party rentals. Make a smooth transition from the ceremony to the reception by greeting your guests with something bubbly and delicious. Nothing kicks off a night of celebrating like popping a couple of bottles of champagne and nibbling on something delicious. Plus, most guests will be a little hungry after the ceremony, so you want to give them a little to tide them over until the wedding meal.

Champagne and Appetizers

Wedding cocktail hour rentalsWe’ve all attended a wedding on an empty stomach. By the time the ceremony is over, your stomach begins to rumble. When you get to the reception, you’re handed a glass of champagne. Champagne on an empty stomach means that those bubbles are going to go straight to your head. Having appetizers and snacks to go along with the champagne will prevent your guests from getting prematurely tipsy.

Small Bites

Of course, you don’t want to spoil everyone’s appetite before the reception. Make sure that the appetizers are refreshing, easy to eat, and not too filling. After all, you’ve got an amazing wedding menu planned for the reception, right? So, just give your guests a little something to entice the palate and take the edge off of their hunger. It will also set the tone for your wedding meal by choosing appetizers that match.

Cocktail Hour is Great for Mingling

cocktail hour, drink glassAs all your guests arrive at the reception venue, typically, everyone stands around waiting for you and your partner to make your first entrance as a married couple. This is a great opportunity for your guests to mingle and get to know each other. Passing around great food and cocktails will only make the “getting to know you” process more comfortable. Giving your guest a cocktail hour to mingle will make the rest of the wedding better and more fun. Plus, the cocktail hour will give you and your partner, and the wedding party a chance to freshen up after the ceremony, take some photos and then join your guests for a great reception.

Cocktail Party Rentals

You get bubbly, and we’ll get everything else you need to set up a beautiful mini wedding cocktail hour. Our wedding specialists will even work with your caterer to make sure that you get all the equipment you need, including champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, serving trays, cocktail tables, decorations, and more.

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