Must Have Serving Equipment for a Wedding Buffet

A beautiful wedding reception needs to have an equally beautiful buffet table. A buffet-style wedding reception needs to blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor. It’s easy to match the linens and the decorations, but the serving equipment should also be complementary to the rest of the decor.

Matching Wedding Buffet Equipment

Renting wedding buffet serving equipment

Rent matching serving equipment to make your wedding buffet as beautiful as the rest of your wedding.

A buffet-style wedding is a great way to keep it simple and casual, but if you don’t plan the buffet, it could quickly become chaotic. How you set up the buffet station will allow for an even flow of foot traffic, and plenty of room for people to maneuver around the buffet table, but you also want it to look beautiful. Matching serving equipment will make the table look more elegant and sophisticated, but you also need to have the right equipment.

What Serving Equipment to Rent for Your Wedding Buffet?

You want to display all of your food in the best way possible. That means that you want to have a good mix of serving dishes, trays, bowls, baskets, and stands. Just make sure that they are all the same style. Appropriately serving all the food will make your buffet table much more appealing and attractive. The right serving dish isn’t just going to display your food beautifully; it’s also going to keep the food hot or cold, depending on what is required.

Hot Dishes

For hot foods, make sure to have chafing dishes for all of the hot food that you are serving. Remember also to have fuel and matches on hand so that you can power the chafing dishes. A chafing dish without heat is just a beautiful display case, but it will do nothing to keep your meals hot.

Meat Station

Catering equipmentYou can precut meat and keep it hot and delicious in a chafing dish, or you can have a meat station with a server to cut the meat. A big, rustic, butcher block wooden cutting board with a heating lamp can make for a beautiful display on your buffet table.

Cold Dishes

Get creative with various size bowls and serving trays for cold dishes. Think about adding texture and layers to create a more visually appealing buffet table.

Serving Utensils

The thing that many forget about is having enough and the right serving utensils. Be sure to add tongs, large spoons, spatulas, bread knife, meat knife, and have a few extras on hand in case something gets dropped on the floor.

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