Perfect Bar Set-Up for Every Event

Many small details go into setting up an event, but as any guest will tell you, one of the most important and most visited areas of a party is the bar. How to set up the bar at an event can become a bit of a puzzle. The chances are that you also have other areas to tend to, like seating, dancing, entertainment, and catering. However, as long as everyone has a drink in their hands, the event can’t go wrong. Here are a few things to consider when setting up a bar at an event.

Rent a bar

Rent a rustic, wooden, serpentine bar for your next event.

What to Look for While Setting Up a Bar

Bar Size

Depending on the size of your event, from the guest list to the size of the venue, you’ll need to find a bar setup that can handle all the foot traffic. You’ll need a bar big enough to fit all the different types of alcohol, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks that you intend to serve to your guests. If you are low on space, minimizing your bar menu to wine and beer will help you cut back on the size of the bar that you need – and it will reduce your alcohol budget.

Multiple Bars

The bar area is going to be heavily trafficked. The placement of your bar should be out of the way to allow for many people to stand around without bumping into tables or taking up the whole dance floor. For large events, you may want to consider having multiple bars so that you won’t have too many guests flooding one area of the room. If you have a few bars located around the venue, you’re spreading out the guests, allowing for a better flow of your event. Bar Rental Denver

Types of Bars

Our event planning specialists can help you choose the right bar for the occasion. We have several different styles available to rent, so your bar can match the theme and decor of your party.

  • Wooden pine bar
  • Black wheeled bar
  • White portable bar
  • Skirted bar
  • Wine barrel bar
  • Serpentine bar
  • Semi-circle bar

Rent a bar for your next eventRent a Matching Bar for Your Event

No matter the type of event, the size, or the location, we have a large inventory of party rentals, including bars, to help you set up your event. Our party specialists will guide you through every step, helping you make the right choices. Colorado Party Rentals is your one-stop event rentals shop.




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