Styled Photoshoot Tips: Design with Purpose

Becoming a designer, you need to have a look book for clients, to show off your work. Whether you are designing a wedding or a home, being able to show your aesthetic and your qualities is essential. However, there’s a catch 22. To have photos of your work, you need to get work. You can’t get work without examples. It’s a whole chicken and egg scenario that will make you dizzy. One way to stop the spinning and start moving forward with building your business is to set up styled photoshoots.

Styled Photoshoot

Renting wedding supplies

Renting will allow you to create several concepts for a well-rounded portfolio.

A styled photoshoot allows you to design several scenarios, events, and themes without having to book each job. Styled shoots will enable you to take complete control of your creativity, showing potential clients your absolute best work. By showing a client examples of your “work,” including different styles and themes, you are more likely to book that job.

Things to remember when setting up a styled shoot

When you set up a styled shoot, you want to put your best foot forward. Each design must be planned down to the smallest detail. The most effective styled shoot will have a lot of little details, without feeling cluttered. When you design a styled shoot, make sure that each element has a purpose, and enhances the theme and style. The worst mistake that designers make with styled shoots is allowing for non-essentials.

Eliminating Non-Essential Elements

Design with purpose. Don’t allow anything in the photo that isn’t essential to tell a story or enhance the theme. Allowing non-essential elements will only lead to clutter and a muddled vision. A styled shoot will enable you to control the environment, so choose a space that is clean and simple. Don’t allow for things to appear in the background. Keep it as simple as possible and remove all items that aren’t essential to your vision.

You also want to make sure that everything is straight and centered. If you need to have paintings, pictures, or mirrors on the wall, make sure they are clean and straight. In many cases, you may find that they aren’t necessary at all, and removing them will help create a more purposeful designed styled shoot. Make sure the sheets, linens, and curtains are clean, straight, and purposefully placed. The photo should have balance and cohesion, so placement is crucial.

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