Create A Mini Bar At Home

We love how chic home minibars can be! You won’t even need a party to enjoy this one; it can provide the perfect nightcap after a long day of work. Or maybe even over your lunch break. It’s 5:00 somewhere, right?

Choose the Spot

Just as location is key in real estate, so it is with your mini bar.  You want your bar to be accessible for entertaining and close to somewhere you can sit and “lounge.” Consider the living room or a spare wall in the dining room. Once you have located your perfect spot, choose a piece of furniture to display your drink accessories. A sofa table would work, a wine cabinet, beverage cart, or a stand-alone kitchen island could also be repurposed as a mini bar.

Liquor Selection

create a mini bar at your home

Purchase liquor you will likely consume. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The lower the liquor level, the quicker you should consume the rest, as the air in the bottle will compromise the flavors. The most classic cocktail list includes the Old Fashioned, Martini, Manhattan and Tom Collins. Bourbon, Angostura bitters, whiskey, vermouth, and gin would be a great start for your mini bar and would enable you to create multiple traditional cocktails as well as some new flavors as well. With your liquor as the base, you can add juices or club sodas to create a variety of drinks to please any guest! Purchase a silver tray or a mirrored tray for a classy, glamorous touch to display your liquors on.

Bar Warebar drink on rocks

Purchase a set of 4 of each of these three basic types of glassware. One set of 4 highball or long drink glasses, short, wide whiskey glasses, and a set of 4 martini glasses or stemmed wine glasses. You will set these out on the bottom or top shelf if you do not have a second shelf. You will also need to purchase a cocktail shaker and strainer, and you are in business!


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