Rental Equipment for Any Wedding Food Service Style

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, but one of the biggest pieces of the wedding pie is the wedding food. Today’s weddings aren’t just about choosing between a sit-down dinner or a buffet. People are getting very creative with various wedding food service styles, and every style is going to need different equipment. When you start to think about the wedding rentals and equipment that you need, we first need to know how you plan to serve your guests.

Wedding rental equipment

Rent tall tables and matching linens for your cocktail style reception.

Wedding food service style

There are so many ways you can serve food to your guests at a wedding. The theme (and budget) of your wedding will typically help you choose the right wedding rental equipment for the style of food service. For more formal weddings, people tend to choose the classic plated dinner service. For more casual weddings, the buffet tends to dominate. However, there are many styles of service besides those two. There’s the cocktail style reception, the family style sit-down dinner, and food stations.

Rental Equipment for the Cocktail Style Reception

The cocktail reception is a great choice for smaller and more intimate weddings. It’s also great if your venue is on the smaller side. With a cocktail reception, you’ll need to rent a few tall tables where your guests can stand with their cocktail and nibble on culinary treats. You can decorate each table with matching linens and decorative centerpieces.

Servers will be walking through the room with bite-sized culinary treats, so you won’t have to make room for a food table. However, you will need to make room for the bar. What’s a cocktail reception without cocktails? To pull off a cocktail style reception, make sure you rent equipment for the bar.

Rental Equipment for the Food Station Style Reception

Serving your food in food stations is like a mash-up of the classic buffet and the cocktail reception. Each food station can serve a different style of cuisine, mixing both hot and cold dishes. You’ll need to rent tables and serving equipment for each station. You can work with a wedding specialist to come up with different styles of food stations to match the type of food, or you can rent the same equipment, linens, and decorations for each station to make them match.

Denver wedding rentals

Set up food stations with bite-sized gourmet foods throughout the venue.

Rental Equipment for a Family Style Sit Down Reception

Serving your food family style has made the formal plated dinner a little more casual and rustic. For this style, you’ll need tables and chairs for each of your guests. However, since each table is going to have room for big bowls, plates, and platters of food – family style – you’ll need to rent extra big tables. You’ll want to work with your wedding specialist to come up with the right style of table setting for your family style wedding meal.

Wedding Rentals in Colorado

Our wedding specialists are ready to work with you, your catering company, and any other vendor that is helping you make your special day perfect. Together, we’ll find all the wedding rentals you need from tables, chairs, linens, flatware, china, table decorations, serving equipment, and much more.

Talk to a wedding specialist about your style of wedding service, and we’ll help you find the right equipment!


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