Thank your Teachers with a “Hello Summer” Thank You Basket

Teacher and studentsIt’s nearly time for school to let out for Summer and everyone is anxious. The last few weeks before summer break are filled with all the wrapping up details and the energy is higher every day…both for the teachers and the students.

This year say Hello to Summer and Good-Bye to the school year with a special thank you basket for the teachers and school workers in your life. Whether you have children in school or not, we all know someone who is involved in the lives of children and making a difference.

Teachers work hard and have, arguably one of the most important jobs; to prepare our children to be able to choose whichever career they like!

As Summer approaches let’s say thank you with a basket of summer time goodies.

5 Items to put into your “Hello Summer!” Thank You Basket:

1. Sunscreen – You may even want to add two; one specifically for the face and another for the body.

2. A Novel – Look at the summer reading list from your local book seller.  Review the NY Times Best Seller list for books making their debut in Summer.

3. A Pair of Cinema Passes – Purchase a gift card for the local movie theater and add a note with the summer box- office hits expected to debut during the summer months.

4. A Journal and Pen – During those quiet moments without 30 students scrambling around the classroom, your teacher will love a place to jot down some thoughts. Whether she’s writing for creative purposes or preparing lists for the coming school term, a journal is always a useful gift!

5. Snacks! – Add a variety of yummy treats, chocolate bars, specialty granola, gourmet crackers, Craisins, and the  like!

Relax at the beach

Teachers need a summer break too! Give your teacher a creative Thank You basket for the summer!

Finally, add a personal note expressing your thanks for the ways your teacher has touched the life of the students they influence. Every person who works with children needs a little pat on the back now and then. There is no better time than summer break to express your thanks with a creative Hello Summer! Gift Basket.

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