The Make and Take Party goes “Prepper”

Maybe you’ve heard the term “prepper”. You know, a class of people that feel compelled to stock pile certain items… “just in case”. Each one has a different worst case scenario in mind, but the idea for them all is to be prepared. Well, the good news is you don’t need to fear a coming disaster to start preparing! Planning ahead means another reason to PARTY! Colorado Party Rentals has given you great ideas on how to bring back the old school Make and Take Party and now we’re taking it to a new level!

Ice Cream Sandwich dessert ideasThe make and take party goes “prepper”. This means you and your friends choose something you would love to have stock piled in your home and then plan a night to party and prep it! Who wouldn’t love a freezer full of ready to slice and bake cookie dough?

Preparing ahead works for loads of things, but here are a few perfect ideas for hosting a Make and Take Prep- It Party!

  • cookie dough and ice cream sandwiches
  • spaghetti sauce
  • laundry detergent
  • specialty spice mixes
  • Jarred dessert mixes, requiring only liquid ingredients be added.
  • Soups and chilli
  • Jams and Jellies

How to Prepare your
Make and Take “Prepper” Party

prep your freezer with meals1. Choose your recipes. And expect to accomplish one recipe at a time. If you plan to cook up 8 quarts of spaghetti sauce each, you’ll need some serious time to cut and simmer all the veggies. So don’t attempt cookies, soup and sauce all in the same night.

2. Send your invitations and ask your guests to bring one of the ingredients you will need. If you have planned to invite 15 couples for example, you’ll need to calculate the recipe and ask one couple to bring all of the green pepper and garlic, another to bring fresh tomatoes and stewed tomatoes.  You may need to request each couple brings their own knives. You get the idea.

3. Prepare your work area. Be sure you have a space where you can make a mess! You will need utensils for everyone, cutting boards, mixing bowls, aprons, etc. So ask around and find out who can bring what.

empty glass jar for storing the meals you prepare at your "prepper" party4. Send instructions for canning. If you plan to do some true prepping and you want to have your finished sauces truly preserved, then ask your guests to also bring their own glass preserving jars and offer them instructions or suggest a website for exact information on how to “can” for food preservation.

Have fun with your friends and plan ahead too! Enjoy another great reason to plan a party, and stock up at the same time. Everyone loves to scratch something off the list. Let meal preparation be one of those items! Plan a a prep your freezer party and you benefit just as much as the guests!

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