5 Tips for the Newly Engaged

The most romantic part is over. Now comes the hard work and planning the wedding. Where do you start? Wedding planning is fun and far from impossible, but between all the money, people, and emotions, it can turn a little problematic. For that reason, we want to give 5 tips to consider right after getting engaged.


Plan for Fall engagement photos,engagement ring, you're engage now the wedding planning beginsSome couples may have 500 likes on their engagement photo, and some prefer to have a private conversation with family and friends. You can choose to have a lunch or party and give out your Save The Date cards to your potential guests. Regardless of the medium, telling the significant people in your life about the wedding is a good idea. Informing your guests also gives them the opportunity to be available to attend your event!


When you begin to talk to your family, one of the first questions is: “Who pays for the wedding?” Parents, grandparents, and godparents sometimes wish to help out with all or some of the expenses for the wedding. Be grateful and know that money does not grow on trees, much less for weddings. If your parents or grandparents are paying for the wedding, consider them as your VIPs and you may do something to please some of their wishes. Otherwise, if you are paying for the wedding as a couple, you are the owners of all the decisions.


Weddings cost a lot of money – that’s the reality. Some couples receive family gifts, others don’t. If you have a savings plan, start implementing it after the engagement. You can use that money as a contribution to your honeymoon or household goods.


engagement party tipsThink of a time of year you would like to hold the wedding. Take into consideration the weather or any travels people might have to make. Be flexible with dates, as some prices vary depending on the weeks.


Every wedding is different, but the overall structure is very similar. Do some of your research with friends who just got married to help you have a clearer view of the cost, dealing with suppliers, and priorities. Some couples will tell you that the event was a waste and what they would do differently, and others regret not having certain details. Experience is always the best reference!

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Congratulations! Now that you are engaged, your next move is planning the most romantic day. Turn to Colorado Party Rentals for expert advice and professional planning! Contact us and let’s start with the preparations!




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