Tough Mudder

Conquering Through Collaboration

As a company, we love challenges and adventures! This year we thought it would be particularly fun to participate in Tough Mudder and challenge ourselves in new and exciting ways as a team.

5k obstacle course

This is not your typical 5K run! This course features 13 teamwork-inspired obstacles that are designed to test you and your teammates. Obstacles include; Arctic Enema, The Block Ness Monster, Mudderhorn, Electroshock Therapy, Well Swung, Cage Crawl, Cry Baby, Everest, Pyramid Scheme, Funky Monkey, Mud Mile, Augustus Gloop, Electric Eel, Kiss of Mud, Pitfall, Devil’s Beard, Berlin Walls, Ladder to Hell, Skidmarked, and Lumberjacked. 

It’s safe to say that some of the more challenging obstacles for our team were the Ice Plunge and Electroshock Therapy. Collectively, we had a blast in the mud pits!

The Tough Mudder was a test of our perseverance and dedication. Our team was comprised of members from all different departments including; Dock, Field, Tenting, Sales, and Human Resources. We don’t always have the opportunity for cross departmental interaction on a daily basis, so it was a unique way to reinforce our company’s core value of collaboration. It taught us the importance of teamwork, motivating each other, and celebrating success! 


Teamwork was the key component to completing the race and we had to depend on one another to get through each challenge. A company’s success isn’t solely based on the effort of one individual, but rather how well everyone communicates among their teamSimilar to when we’re in the office, warehouse, or on a job site, we all had to work off each other’s strengths to achieve our goal.  


There were moments during the race where each member of our team struggled, as everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It was in these moments that motivating and encouraging each other was the most important. Creating a supportive environment is the key to successful collaboration within an organization. This challenge solidified the importance of teamwork and motivation when creating space for each other to excel. 

Celebrating Each Other

The Tough Mudder reminded us of the importance of shared victories and to not forget to celebrate each other’s wins. In a collaborative workplace everyone’s achievement should be acknowledged and celebrated together! 

Tough Mudder creates unconventional life-changing experiences that challenge people to step outside their comfort zone and overcome obstacles through teamwork. Built on a foundation of camaraderie and community their series of obstacle courses and mud runs are designed to push your physical and mental limits, all without the pressure of competition!

We can absolutely say that for the Colorado Party Rentals Crew, this was an unforgettable experience and amazing exercise in teamwork, perseverance, and celebration of each other.

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Tough Mudder Conquering Through Collaboration As a company, we love challenges and adventures! This year we thought it would be particularly fun to participate in Tough Mudder and


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