Wedding Bouquet Trends to Watch for in 2020

Each and every year, new ideas for beautiful bouquets are created and showcased for the world to see. If you’re getting married in Colorado this year and are looking for inspiration for your wedding bouquet, check out a few of these great trends that are sure to make headway in 2020.

Bleached Flowers

This washed-out look is sure to be an insanely popular trend for bouquets this year. Florists have experimented with bleaching plants and flowers, and the results are magical. You can get bouquets in off-white coloring, and even washed-out pastels — a perfect choice if your wedding theme utilizes pastel colors, or you’re going with a minimalist feel.

Floral Jewelry

This trend is for those looking for a hyper-alternative feel for their big day. Instead of carrying your flowers down the aisle, you can wear them as jewelry instead! Brides have begun to style themselves with flower crowns, necklaces, and even creatively designed corsages. You can also dress your bridesmaids and gooms to match by putting flowers in their hair and on their lapels. 

Monochromatic Bouquets

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Consider using varying shades of the same color, for a fashionable bouquet.

Traditionally, florists incorporate a few different colors in their bouquets. But color blocking, a huge fashion trend, has made its way into wedding decor — and it’s especially stunning to see a color-blocked floral arrangement. Try a bouquet of pink, or play around with various shades!

Dried Bouquets

Dried flowers are a trend that many wedding stylists expect to come into full swing in the fall. Dried flowers can be used in a number of different wedding styles; rustic, vintage, boho, or minimalist. Adding dried lavender or chamomile will make your bouquet look beautiful, and taking a whiff before you walk down the aisle can also help keep you relaxed.  

Whatever your floral arrangement, Colorado Party Rentals can provide the decor and wedding rentals to match your style. Get started with us today to start bringing your wedding theme to life. 

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